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EFIKTON Platform

Efikton® is a Platform which helps to develop prototypes and new applications from simple to very complex, to change them fast, to adapt in the user requirements (contextualization in the working position) and to integrate data between different Platforms. 

It is developed around the Service Oriented Architecture Pand can be used from big Companies with many levels of hierarchies but also from SME. 


Efikton® SOA-B3 Platform allows the execution and distribution of Services and Dynamic Business Applications. Most business applications are too inflexible to keep pace with the businesses they support. 

The Dynamic Business Applications emphasize to the close alignment with business processes and work (design for people) and adaptability to business change (build for change). 

 The technical background for Dynamic Business Applications is SOA and B3: 


Business Process Management 

Business Rules Management 

Business Intelligence 




Services developed in Efikton® are complete and rich in functionality. The developer may apply properties to the Services like: 


Business Intelligence 

Business Process Management – Workflow 

Business Rules Management 

Document Management 

Web User Interface (man to machine communication) 

Web Services (machine to machine communication) 

Collaboration (use by multiple organizations) 

Advanced multilevel security 

Distributed data repository 

In addition: 


Codeless Development – the construction of the services is done without writing software code, allowing fast development by non-programmers, easy learning and long-term lifecycle for the Service 

Openness – Services created by Efikton® are open to be modified by the end user, allowing easy adaptability to the particular and changing needs of the company 

Scalable Implementation – allowing low-cost investment and fast results. 

Services Exchange – services can be transferred from one Efikton platform to another allowing the establishment of Developers’ Communities 

Web User Interface – unitary / dynamic / contextualized / engages sense & sensibility 

Efikton® is not coming empty to the end user, but it is accompanied with hundreds of already implemented services and applications in the field of Manufacturing Supply Chain: Operational Planning 


Order Promising 

Rule Based Forecasting 

Material Supply & Demand 

Capacity Planning 

Master Data Management 

Production Control 

Work Order Management 

Project Management 

Product Development & Lifecycle Management 

Quality Management 

Supply Chain Collaboration 

Innovation Management