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About Us

Premium InfoSystems is a system integrator company which transforms customer’s disparate hardware and software systems to a comprehensive IT solution. We aim to create a technology environment where the process of IT integration is the simplest of tasks. Our group of experienced engineers and architects is implementing advanced technologies, for the sole purpose of designing, integrating, and supporting the wired and wireless infrastructure services for our customers. 



Our solutions are designed so they can provide the security and flexibility in order to fit our customer’s needs, while also reducing the costs and improving the productivity and efficiency for their business. Our goal is to bring you closer to your customers and help your business realize its potential utilizing our state-of-the-art solutions, systems, and tools.  



What sets us apart is our insistence on perfection, our ability to implement increasingly complex projects, and the unprecedented advantages, that our high-end solutions give your company. With over 50 large scale projects completed, we provide the experience and know-how, to deal with most of high demanding tasks, implementing latest technologies, while also cutting costs for your business.  Our world-renowned partners, like CISCO, HPE, Microsoft and other well-known manufacturers and vendors, confirm our integrity and our willingness to provide the best possible solution for your specific project requirements.